Checking the suitability of Firewood using a Moisture Gauge

A moisture gauge can be used to determine whether firewood is ready for burning.

When using a moisture meter, refer to the instruction manual. Make sure you know whether it gives a reading in ‘wet basis’ or ‘dry basis’. Normal practice is to split a log and probe across the grain in the centre of the log to gauge the worst part of a log. Start with the thickest logs, if these ‘pass’ then it gives a good indication that the thinner ones will pass. A mixed load of different species is difficult to gauge.

Wood for the fire should have a moisture content of 25% or less (wet basis).

Bringing seasoned logs indoors for a few days before burning will help to achieve low moisture content.

BUYER BEWARE We recommend that logs are bought by volume. If buying logs by weight, remember that unseasoned logs are much heavier than seasoned logs due to their water content more could mean less!